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OTREC’s broad research program addresses complex transportation problems by drawing on multiple disciplines, including engineering, planning, economics and design, at our four member universities and beyond. The combined expertise allows OTREC to explore ways to move people and goods sustainably. Research projects also address broader transportation initiatives designed to investigate and build research capacity. Check out the featured projects below or use the search box at right to browse research or search for a specific project.

Research Highlights

Overlooked Density: Re-Thinking Transportation Options in Suburbia

Rethinking Transportation in Suburbia

Suburban multifamily housing is the fastest-growing housing market in the country, with townhouses, condominiums and apartments adding density, often close to commercial areas. That provides a high potential for walking and cycling and mixed-use development, yet this potential rarely becomes a reality. University of Oregon professor Nico Larco explores why disconnected developments predominate in suburbia and considers ways to create more-livable, less-congested communities.


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OTREC by the Numbers

  • Total value of projects funded: $12.2 million
  • Number of projects funded: 153
  • Number of faculty partners: 98
  • Number of external partners participating in OTREC: 46

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