Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have emerged as one tool to address the challenges of climate change and the uncertainty around petroleum-based fuels. Interested automakers, suppliers and drivers, along with supportive governments, have made Oregon a vital center in this area. OTREC research pushes discussion of the links between our energy and transportation systems and the built environment.

Featured Project

Impacts of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) on transportation infrastructure safety and regulation

Project Investigator: Kate Hunter-Zaworski Oregon State University

There are increasing numbers of small electric vehicles, called low-speed electric vehicles or LSVs, on public roadways. In use for many years in gated communities and on industrial and college campuses, these vehicles are becoming more common on public roadways as a short-range alternative to fossil-fueled autos. The term LSV here refers to both Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and Medium-Speed Electric Vehicles but not to the electric passenger cars currently being introduced in North America. Because LSVs are not classified as passenger cars, they are not subject to the same federal requirements for occupant protection. This research project investigated safety standards,… Continue reading »

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