Sustainable Cities Initiative

Sustainable Cities Initiative

This initiative grew out of efforts to connect work on sustainable transportation, livability and urban design with research and education programs that would better serve communities and inform policy. The Sustainable Cities Initiative takes programs such as Sustainable City Year, experts in residence and policy advising to create a long-term model of education, research and service. 

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Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI)

Project Investigator: Nico Larco University of Oregon

The Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) is a direct outgrowth and integration of several research, education, and technology transfer projects supported by OTREC at the University of Oregon over the last five years. Over that period, the supported PIs initiated ways to better connect the related work on sustainable transportation, livability, and urban design into something that provided a more robust research agenda, educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students, provided better service to Oregon (or elsewhere) communities, and more directly informed the policy making and agency administration efforts around sustainable transportation topics. The result was the development of the Sustainable… Continue reading »

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