Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Technologies and the strategies they support, such as improving incident response or providing travelers with real-time information, help transportation agencies do more with less. By looking at how technology can improve the safety and performance of transportation systems, OTREC’s work supports progress on national priorities such as transportation choices, economic competitiveness and energy independence.

Featured Project

Wireless Data Collection System for Real-Time Arterial Travel Time Estimation

Project Investigator: David Porter Oregon State University

To improve mobility and the efficiency of the transportation system we must improve operations and the management of the existing transportation infrastructure. However, without a reliable means to estimate travel times, the transportation system cannot be managed effectively. Travel time estimation is a necessary step for the evaluation of proposed highway or transit facilities to serve present and future land uses. A novel method for travel time estimation based on the collection of time-stamped media access control (MAC) addresses from Bluetooth-enabled devices has recently appeared in the literature. This new approach to estimate travel times offers a number of advantages… Continue reading »

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