Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities

Active forms of transportation such as walking, biking and transit connections are vital elements of healthy, livable communities; that is, places that achieve economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity. To create these places, OTREC projects examine the connections between community design, active transportation and potential health implications.

Featured Project

Healthy Communities and Urban Design: A Multi-Disciplinary National Analysis of Travel Behavior, Residential Preference, and Urban Design

Project Investigator: Jessica Greene University of Oregon

At its core, research into Healthy Communities aims to connect the way cities are designed, the relationship between that design and active modes of transportation (walking and biking), and the potential health implications of designs that encourage or impede increased active transportation. This proposed research project is firmly and directly connected to that fundamental core through an examination of the connection between urban form and transportation behavior within and between cities across the country. This Healthy Communities and Transportation-Land Use project seeks to understand the relationship between urban form and active transportation (walking and biking) by comparing behavior within new… Continue reading »

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