Integration of Land Use and Transportation

Integration of Land Use and Transportation

Oregon has earned a national reputation for considering land use and transportation together. With state laws emphasizing the importance of transportation and land use in addressing greenhouse gas emissions, OTREC investigators play a critical role in examining this issue so Oregon can continue to innovate, particularly in the area of modeling and forecasting tools.

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Improving Regional Travel Demand Models for Bicycling

Project Investigator: John Gliebe Resource Systems Group, INC

With growing concerns over the lack of physical activity, increase in greenhouse gases, and other threats to sustainability, planners, engineers, and policy makers are looking for ways to increase the use of alternative modes of travel. Bicycling is one such option. According to the 2001 Nationwide Household Travel Survey (NHTS), over 60% of all personal trips are five miles or less in length – a reasonable distance to ride a bike – and nearly 40% are two miles or less. Despite the potential, only about one percent of the trips people make in the U.S. are on bicycles, including less… Continue reading »

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